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Angel Armstead

"Angel Armstead put me and my needs first! I am an investor and she was very patient and thoroughly explained the process to me. She exceeded my expectations, sent me potential real estate investments, the comps to advise me of resale potential and even tho I used my own team to complete renovations, she had a team at her fingertips ready to go!!! I LOVE IT!!! Prepared!!! As a new realtor, she was able to consult with her team of trusted advisors to direct me in the right direction. I will continue using her, she gained my trust entirely. She was was honest with the pros and the cons, even tho I didn't want to hear the cons, lol. I am retired and live out of state and was able to trust her for my real estate transactions. Her process was streamlined and easy; I loved that I did not have to be present, she was able to handle everything in my absence."

Sallie Sloan
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Office Phone 318.231.2000
Cellphone 318.834.0515

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